A small group of people representing a variety of organisations are working towards gaining Lincoln Fairtrade city status. This website provides information of the requirements to gain this status, information on organisations that support Fairtrade in the city and details on events taking place.

Fairtrade seeks to address the inequalities in global trade by providing:

  • Fair and stable prices for producers & farmers
  • Extra income for producers to improve their lives by investing in community projects.

7 million people – producers, workers and their families currently benefit directly from Fairtrade. Our purchasing policy can help many more to do so. Fairtrade provides the oppertunity for those in developing countries to complete in the global market and to help themselves out of poverty.

The website of The Fairtrade Foundation has a wealth of resources an information.

Choose products with the FAIRTRADE Mark

*To ensure that you are using the mark correctly, download the promotional materials Manual from The Fairtrade Foundation 

Lincoln Fairtrade Supporters