Goal 5

A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure the Fairtrade City continues to develop and gain new support.

Meeting Goal 5 – requirements

  • The steering group meets regularly. Suggested period: over at least one year
  • Members represent a range of local organisations and sectors
  • The steering group leads ongoing action around the Fairtrade City goals, submits the initial application for the area and all applications to renew Faitrade status thereafter
  • The steering group has responsibility for ensuring that events are organised during Fairtrade Fortnight each year

Developing Goal 5 – the steering group can also:

  • Prepare action plans or the future
  • Set indicators to monitor progress and celebrate successes with the wider public
  • Form smaller working groups to focus on specific activities and targets, for example events or work with school
  • Contact other Fairtrade Town groups in the area to coordinate activity, pool opportunities and scale up activity in the region
  • Continue to recruit and welcome new members
  • Maintain and update a volunteer list of supportive individuals and organisations
  • Open a bank account to manage donations and income from fundraising activities
  • Keep up to date with the latest news on Fairtrade by subscribing to Fair Comment and the Fairtrade Town and Campaign newsletters published by the Fairtrade Foundation.