Goal 4

Media coverage and events raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community.

Meeting Goal 4 – requirements

  • Articles about Fairtrade and the local Fairtrade campaign have appeared in a range of different local media and publications. Suggested period: over at least a year
  • Events take place over Fairtrade Fortnight and at other times of the year. Suggested period: over at least one year

Developing Goal 4 – supporters can also:

  • Make sure articles and updates are included in local newsletters (parish, church, school)
  • Establish Fairtrade as a regular feature at local events (summer fetes and fairs, Christmas markets, school sports days)
  • Ensure events reach a wide range of different audiences and enable other groups and organisations to get actively involved (see Goal 3)
  • Set up a website to promote the Fairtrade campaign