Goal 2

At least four Fairtrade product ranges are readily available in the area’s retail outlets (shops, supermarkets, newsagents, petrol stations) and two products served in local catering outlets (cafes, restaurants, pubs).

Meeting Goal 2 – requirements

  1. Retail and catering targets based on population size must be reached. Targets are below
  2. Only retail outlets that stock four products and catering outlets that stock two products with the FAIRTRADE Mark are open a minimum of three days a week can be counted towards these targets

Taking Goal 2 further – supporters can also:

  • Continue to encourage new shops and cafes to sell and serve Fairtrade
  • Encourage local shops and cafes to increase the range of products they offer
  • Encourage shops and cafes to make Fairtrade visible through posters, stickers and point of sale material
  • Involve commercial partners with local campaign – encourage them to host events and activities to promote Fairtrade Fortnight and throughout the year – and support the campaign as it develops

Retail Outlets – Target 17 Outlets

  1. Coop Carholme Road Petrol Station
  2. Coop Birchwood
  3. Coop Brant Road
  4. Coop Burton Road
  5. Coop Moorland Avenue
  6. Coop Swanpool
  7. Coop Tritton Road
  8. Coop Riseholme Road
  9. Coop Queen Elizabeth
  10. Coop Woodhall Drive
  11. Coop Carlton Estate
  12. Coop City Square (Bus station)
  13. Coop Tealby Street
  14. Tesco – Canwick Road Trading Estate
  15. Tesco – Lincoln, Wragby Road
  16. Tesco Express, High Street
  17. Tesco Express, High Street (St Mark’s)
  18. Tesco Express, Newark Road
  19. Sainsbury’s
  20. Morrison’s
  21. Asda, Lincoln
  22. Sundance Fairtrade
  23. Marks and Spencers
  24. Spar Birchwood Avenue

Catering Outlets – Target 9 Outlets

  1. Gregg’s High Street
  2. Gregg’s Bailgate
  3. Gregg’s Brant Road
  4. Starbuck’s Holiday Inn
  5. Starbuck’s High Street
  6. Starbuck’s Tritton Road
  7. New Life Courtyard Cafe
  8. The Old Palace
  9. Coop Bus Station Cafe
  10. Coop Tritton Road Cafe
  11. Marks and Spencers
  12. Lincs 2 Nepal