Goal 1

Local Council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and agrees to serve Fairtrade products (for example, in meetings and in its offices and canteens).

Meeting Goal 1 – requirements

  1. The wording of the resolution must include:
  • statement of support for Fairtrade
  • commitment to use Fairtrade products whenever possible (in meetings, offices and canteens for example)
  1. The Council must take practical action on the resolution and introduce Fairtrade products in meetings, offices and canteen
  2. There must be a named council representative (member or officer) on the Fairtrade steering group

The local Council can also:

  • promote awareness of Fairtrade to its constituency through publications and website
  • promote awareness of Fairtrade to staff and partners (internally) through posters, emails, tasting and events during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • extend the range of Fairtrade products used, for example biscuits or fruit
  • support the work ofthe steering group through funding, providing rooms for meetings or officer time
  • work with other public bodies (schools, hospitals, police) to encourage them to switch to Fairtrade
  • erect street signs declaring Fairtrade City status
  • work with other local authorities in the area to develop a joint Fairtrade procurement strategy

The City of Lincoln Council adopted a Fairtrade Policy at the Executive meeting on Monday 30th July.

By adopting a Fairtrade Policy, the City Council has laid the foundation stone for Lincoln to achieve Fairtrade City status.

Commitment to the Fairtrade produces would sit alongside the council’s commitment to using local produce where possible.

Councillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader of the City of Lincoln Council said: “Lincoln becoming a Fairtrade City is important because it recognises that there are people who need help and gives everybody a chance to support the hardworking people in the developing countries.

“It also fits in with our aim to develop a fit for purpose council, as the council can lead by example in promoting ethical procurement. The goals to become a Fairtrade City must be met and developed to achieve and maintain the Fairtrade status, so we will be working hard to reach the goals and once they have been met we will strive to get everyone involved to keep up the status.”

Councillor Chris Burke, Chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group set up be the City Council, said:“This decision by the Executive to adopt a fair trade policy is a crucial development in our progress towards a Fairtrade City, to which this council has committed on behalf of the people of Lincoln. The next steps are to introduce Fairtrade products into our own places of work, and to encourage local businesses and local people to sell, buy and use Fairtrade products also.”

For more information about the Council’s policy click here.