A small group of people representing a variety of organisations are working towards gaining Lincoln Fairtrade city status. This website provides information of the requirements to gain this status, information on organisations that support Fairtrade in the city and details on events taking place.


You can support Fairtrade in two ways

Firstly, if you normally have refreshments, switch to Fairtrade. A range of Fairtrade products are available from drinks and snacks to school uniforms and gold, so there should be something that meets your group’s or business’s demands.

Secondly, if you don’t use refreshments there is still plenty you can do. The Fairtrade Foundation  gives information about Fairtrade products and explains Fairtrade principles and ideas for innovative ways to spread the word in your local community.

Whatever your group does, you can be involved in some way. No matter how small, it still makes a difference to producers in developing countries.

To register as a Community Group / Business supporting Fairtrade in Lincoln, contact the Lincoln Fairtrade committee at lincolnfairtrade@gmail.com  We can send you free samples and registration form, on completion of which your group will be entered in the next publication of the “Lincoln Fairtrade City Directory”.


The Requirements

Requirements for Fairtrade City renewal & inclusion in the Fairtrade City Directory:

  1. At least two Fairtrade products are available (Drinks could be a good start)
  2. Venues should display stickers, posters or a certificate advising users that they use Fairtrade products and /or support Lincoln Fairtrade City campaign. (We will provide a certificate and sticker)
  3. Educational campaigns are organised to deepen people’s understanding of the issues and deepen their commitment to Fairtrade. Posters & leaflets are available from The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy, University of Lincoln, and The Fairtrade Foundation, especially for Fairtrade Fortnight in Feb/March. (Applicable to schools and other educational establishments)